How to hide Odoo Information Page from a website

Every website developed with Odoo comes by default with a publicly available page that lists all installed addons in the system. Here are two methods how to hide this page:

1. Deactivating the Template for the Page:
   This approach hides all information on the page, displaying an empty page ​    when visitors attempt to access the URL.

  • The template "Show Odoo Information" can be found in the Technical Menu under the User Interface section: 
    Settings >> Technical Menu >> User Interface >> Views.
  • The view can be disabled by turning off the "Active" toggle.

2. Disabling the Controller for the URL /website/info​:
    This change ensures that when visitors try to access the URL,
    a 404(Not Found) Page​ will be displayed.

  • Create a 404 redirect by navigating to:
    Website >> Configuration >> Redirects.
  • Configure the redirect action as 404 Not Found​ and set the URL From​ as /website/info.

Additionally, to prevent the page from being indexed by search engines, the Robots.txt​ file needs to be updated with a new rule: "Disallow: /website/info". This can be accomplished by going to:
Website >> Configuration >> Settings >> SEO >> Edit Robots.txt.

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